Thursday, April 1, 2010

35/35...and a Nursery Reveal!

We made it to 35 weeks...which means only 35 days left! The time is flying!

It is beginning to look and feel more like Spring outside too---and I did see the first garage sale sign of the season, so it is official! Spring is here!
We have been busy around here! Ron installed the car seat last week which was pretty entertaining to watch...he really had to pull super hard to make sure everything was tight enough! I was cracking up at his faces, but happy he was there to do it! It looked like hard work!

The nesting saga continues....I have reorganized all the kitchen cupboards, the bathroom drawers, the linen closet and have begun to freeze meals for after baby G's arrival (6 in counting so far!) I figure it is easier to do it now than to try to figure out what to make with a brand new baby around.

I am a little behind so here are my belly photos from weeks 33 and 34 (respectively):

And....what you have all been waiting for...the Nursery!

The crib with our custom wall words from Old Barn Rescue Company:

Close up of the quilt Mom V. and I made! (She gets most of the credit, but I did help cut all the pieces!)

Changing table, medicine cabinet and bookshelf (already filled with books from Baby G's wonderful Cousin Leah!)

Cloth diaper stash....ready to go

Art from Beneath the Tree Craft Show from artist "Picture Pieces":

Finally, our comfy glider where I am sure we will be spending lots of time!

Hope you enjoyed the "tour"! Have a wonderful Easter!!

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